Study of different processes and dynamic actions that affect snow

Nivology is the study of different processes and dynamic actions that affect the snow in order to give a solution to the various sectors of the society as can be prevention, avalanche risks management and protection, having as objective obtaining a better comprehension and exploitation of the snow blanket.

In the nivo-meteorology observations at local level and high mountain areas, one must complete it with the information available on the national meteorological services.

Therefore, one can make the difference and give more viability to the information received in order to improve the prevision for the avalanche danger and for the security of the mountain users in snow periods.


  • Local meteorology
  • Works on the land itself, topographic studies, GIS models and numerical simulations in 2D and 3D
  • Hit surveys
  • Stratigraphic profile
  • Avalanche information bulletin elaboration
  • Creation of an observation point
  • Technical assistance for ski stations.